• C.R. August 2017 —

    We love Bruce he is awesome you have our carpet cleaning business for life.

  • A.C. July 2017 —

    Packed out my apartment and moved me to my new apartment after my neighbors place started on fire.
    What originally reeked of smoke now has no smell at all.

  • D.N. June 2017 —

    Worked with our insurance company to take care of our leaky roof. Found out it was caused by hail damage.
    Very thankful we called Sullivan’s

  • K.B. May 2017 —

    Were here within a couple hours and handled everything for us. Great to work with.

  • H.N. April 2017 —

    Tree branch fell through our roof and in came the rain. Sullivan’s came with a giant tarp covered the hole dried out the wet area and repaired the damage all while working with our insurance.

  • N.T. March 2017 —

    Our sump pump failed and we had 8 inches of water in our finished basement. Sullivan’s came in and saved the day.

  • S.N. February 2017 —

    Secured our home after a fire, and saved stuff that we were told was a total loss. These items were priceless to us and we are thankful.

  • B.P. January 2017 —

    The best carpet cleaning around hands down.

  • A.E. January 2017 —

    Repaired our roof, worked with our insurance we barely had to do anything.

  • J.N. December 2016 —

    Showed up quickly and dried out the house in just a couple days.

  • M.M. November 2016 —

    Sullivans has an exceptional crew and are very particular about the outcome of their work. They are great

  • B.P. October 2016 —

    Had a grease fire in my kitchen. It made my entire house smell funky, and left a residue on everything. They came in and had my house back to normal and stink free in just a couple days.

  • M.L. September 2016 —

    Years of traffic had made my carpets look very rough. Sullivan’s had them back to the color they were when I bought them. I also got carpet protection to help keep it clean. Bruce is very good.

  • N.T. August 2016 —

    Burning barrel somehow caught the garage on fire. Sullivan’s was able to replace the damaged area and get rid of the smoke smell. They also were able to clean most of our stuff from the garage as well which saved us a lot of trouble. They did a really good job cleaning the entry carpet too and getting the odor out.

  • S.B. July 2016 —

    Water leaked under our door and flooded the lower level of our basement. Sullivan’s was able to dry it out and save almost everything. Recommended to our neighbor!

  • L.R. June 2016 —

    Tree fell on our house and all the rain we had poured in. Sullivan’s repaired our roof and dried up our house and fixed all of the water damage. We were surprised how fast they got to our house. If we ever need a cleaning or restoration company in the future we will call Sullivan’s.

  • S.S. May 2016 —

    I always call you guys now to clean my carpets, blinds, and rugs before I have company. It saves me a ton of time, and is done better than anyone we used prior.

  • A.H. April 2016 —

    It was nice to call and not have to worry about anything anymore. They fixed everything for us. Thank you.

  • N.K. March 2016 —

    Thank you guys for pumping the water and sewage backup out of our basement and cleaning everything and repairing everything. You guys did us a great service.

  • M.B. February 2016 —

    The cleaning crew is so nice. They helped me understand and even called just to see how we were doing throughout our damage repairs.

  • W.C. January 2016 —

    Removed stains that had been in our carpet for years. Will use again.

  • E.L. December 2015 —

    Half the county was flooded and they still got to me and got everything repaired when the other guys said they couldn’t make it for days. Glad I found their number.

  • V.M. November 2015 —

    The only carpet cleaners I trust on my stain resist.

  • B.K. October 2015 —

    Insurance referred me and I ended up using them twice. Educated employees and in general godo company.

  • A.T. September 2015 —

    I left a turkey in the oven after falling asleep. The smell was unbearable. They removed the non-repairable items and got rid of the odor.

  • F.S. August 2015 —

    Water damaged walls and ceiling, Sullivan’s restored it like new.

  • R.N. July 2015 —

    Best carpet cleaning in Green Bay area.

  • E.N. June 2015 —

    I always thought your company fixed cars. Glad you guys fix houses. Thanks for drying up our basement and teaching us a bit about our sump pump at the same time.

  • N.K. May 2015 —

    Never thought a little water could turn into mold so quickly. Thank goodness for companies like yours.

  • M.F. April 2015 —

    Work was done at the price quoted. The work done though was beyond what I expected.

  • J.R. March 2015 —

    Prompt, professional, quality work.

  • A.S February 2015 —

    Best carpet care around. Red wine in white carpet? That new truck is wonderful.

  • D.N January 2015 —

    We live in Florida and our cottage in Green Bay, Wisconsin’s roof sprung a leak. We looked around and found Sullivan’s had the best reviews. We called and they handled everything for us. Even worked with our adjuster. Turns out that in Wisconsin when the ice melts on your roof it can back up into your house. They repaired my roof, fixed the water marks and even saved the portraits on the wall. They did a great work and I would recommend Sullivan’s to anyone. Feel free to use this on your website and facebook.

  • H.K December 2014 —

    whether I need carpets cleaned, rugs cleaned, blinds cleaned, or even tile and grout. I always call Sullivan’s because they are always on time and the only cleaning company I trust.

  • R.M November 2014 —

    You get more done, and a higher quality of workmanship when you call Sullivan’s to clean your carpets. Bruce is a gem, and the quality and service can’t be beat. You get what you pay for.

  • M.D October 2014 —

    How can a few drops of water do so much damage? Glad we had Sullivan’s to fix it.

  • J.W September 2014 —

    Best water removal team in the area.

  • R.F August 2014 —

    I will be telling my friends, if there is unwanted water in your house, call Sullivan’s. I couldn’t believe what you were able to save.

  • P.W July 2014 —

    I am always happy with your company. Thank you for the hard work.

  • N.H. June 2014 —

    Was very impressed with the results. I will only use Sullivan’s in the future.

  • K.W. May 2014 —

    Will work with them again. Very professional.

  • W.E. April 2014 —

    Bruce was very efficient. I would and already have recommended him to my neighbors. He was fantastic.

  • N.T. March 2014 —

    You did a great job keeping us posted on what was happening with our home. I really thought all was lost and was shocked at h how much you could save even when it was sitting in 6 inches of water.

  • J.K. February 2014 —

    If you have water in your basement in the Green Bay area and you don’t call Sullivan’s you might end up like I did, paying twice. Sullivan’s came in fixed our problems, dried our stuff and had us satisfied in half the time it took the “OTHER GUYS” and this time it was done correctly.

  • E.N. January 2014 —

    All dealings with Sullivan’s have exceeded expectations. Our “not very new” carpet looks great…better than new

  • L.L. December 2013 —

    Very happy with your service. Thanks

  • D.E. November 2013 —

    Plastering was great. Excellent, clean, very professional

  • A.B. October 2013 —

    Not sure how you guys do your job but sewage cleanup cannot be fun. Amazed how good of a job you did.

  • R.N. September 2013 —

    You guys did great. Carpet looks wonderful. Will be calling again next year.

  • M.H. August 2013 —

    When the tree fell on my roof I wasn’t sure exactly who to call. After my insurance adjuster told me to call Sullivan’s I did, I am glad I did that because they were there and gave me an estimate within a day or two and had my roof repaired within a week. I can’t tell my home was ever damaged.

  • J.S. July 2013 —

    A few weeks ago I couldn’t stand going home after my dreams were crushed by the tree that fell on my roof. You did a great job and I can rest easy again knowing my home is how it should be. Thank you for taking the stress off my plate and handling so much of this for me.

  • R.J. June 2013 —

    There is nothing scarier than sewage flooding your basement and the horrible smell. Our nightmare was ended by Sullivan’s saving the day. Thank you!

  • B.N. May 2013 —

    I swore we would have to replace our carpet when we called Bruce to see if there was anything we could do. He came over and had the carpet looking better in a matter of a couple days. It didn’t look brand new but you can’t expect that from 17 year old carpet. Very satisfied

  • A.C. April 2013 —

    We were told our home would be restored to pre-loss state. The small fire we had was repaired and we got exactly what was promised.

  • M.G. March 2013 —

    Very professional, very prompt service

  • A.R. February 2013 —

    Thanks. Couldn’t have asked for better, more responsive service. Informed us of all the options and their pro’s and cons. Thanks!

  • D.W. January 2013 —

    All workers were very kind, polite, and are very good, hard workers. Very pleased with your business. Thank you.

  • P.L. December 2012 —

    We have used your services in the past and have recommended you to others.

  • C.V. November 2012 —

    I have been extremely happy with your company – Bruce is fantastic!

  • R.D. October 2012 —

    Very prompt, professional service!

  • A.N. September 2012 —

    Speedy response and good quality service.

  • A.H. August 2012 —

    Very reputable.They came in, did exactly what they said they were going to do and had me back to normal.

  • M.H. July 2012 —

    They took care of everything!

  • F.V. June 2012 —

    The girls were very professional and very friendly

  • S.L. May 2012 —

    EXCELLENT job by all. Dan can’t get paid enough. He’s a caring professional that couldn’t be a better asset to your company!

  • M.A. April 2012 —

    Arrived within just a couple of hours of phone call from insurance company…on a Friday night! Fully back to normal within 1 week of initial problem

  • J.B. March 2012 — 

    Bruce did a fabulous job on our carpets! They look just great! We are very Pleased

  • M.V. February 2012 —

    Sullivan’s restored our carpet from a horrible state(due to damp riverside exposure and toddler messiness) to new again. Without this service we would have had to throw out the carpet!

  • C.V. January 2012 —

    I am very satisfied with everything. I would recommend to anyone!

  • P.W. December 2011 —

    Service was great, employee was a pleasure to have at my home. Thanks again for a great job.

  • D.L. November 2011 —

    I have already mentioned your services to many friends.

  • H.L. August 2011 —

    Sullivan’s is tops, both for regular carpet cleaning maintenance and for emergencies!

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